About Postnatal Yoga                                           

So you've have had your baby and you may be thinking about taking some exercices after your first intial recovery period.

Postnatal Yoga is the perfect time to start reconnecting to your body again, giving yourself time to focus on ajusting to motherhood and bonding with your baby. The classes offer space and support, allowing you to honour the profound changes of your mind and body, and to the new life you now hold in your arms. 

Postnatal Yoga classes are different from a usual structured classes.

During the class you are free to stop and start exercises depending on you and your baby’s needs. The mindful movements, short mediations and relaxations are simple and effective, so even if you feel you cannot participate physically at all times, you will connect to your breath and body resuming back to practice again once your baby has settled. 

The main focus of the yoga sessions are:

  • Recovery from birth, 
  • Breathing, Mindful strengthening and conditioning of the body,
  • Pelvic floor toning and soothing Mediations and Relaxations.

When you start the class you start from your recovery and can continue to come until your body feels stronger and when your baby starts to crawl. 

Please remember though, that your body has done so much through pregnancy and birth and is doing so much more to recover and heal. If you are recovering from a C section, episiotomy, tears or bleeding, it is recommend to wait for your postnatal six week check up from your Midwife or GP. In the first six months postnatally a woman’s body is more pliable and is still affected by hormones of pregnancy and breastfeeding. So it’s so important not to push yourself or start vigorous exercise too soon. 

Together with a community of mothers, postnatal yoga brings support and strength on your journey into motherhood and beyond.